Oil Changes

Oil change service

Prolong the Life of Your Car With Quick Oil Changes

There never seems to be enough time in the day, especially when you have a lot of errands to run. If one of those tasks is an oil change, come to Mike's Garage for speedy, quality services.
Oil Change

Get Complete Oil Change Services

Regular oil changes are a necessity for your vehicle. Keeping your oil clean ensures that there is no friction that can damage your engine. It also keeps your car running at peak performance. 

When you need an oil change, turn to our experienced team for fast and reliable service. Browse through our oil change services:
  • Top off all the levels
  • 5w semisynthetic
  • 530 synthetic
  • OW-20 synthetic 
Call us at
505-983-6577 or visit us today to get a FREE estimate on our oil change services.
Drop by Mike's Garage at Sante Fe, NM for a quick oil change service. Trust our experienced staff to do a great job.
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